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. Randy Patist

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(January 2012): Xray Staffing Solutions founder, Randy Patist, aquires staffing project at Inter Access to support it's Board ambitous growth plans.



(Oktober 2011): Xray Staffing Solutions founder, Randy Patist, aquires new staffing project at Xaton (www.xaton.com)


(April 2011): Xray Staffing Solutions founder, Randy Patist, starts new staffing project for Nedstat/ comScore (www.comscore.com)






What Xray Staffing Solutions can do for your organization?


In a nutshell: We are truly passionate International Recruitment Experts with more than 15 years of International Recruitment experience in a wide variety of sectors. It is truly our passion and objective to organize and facilitate your (international) staffing projects.


Xray Staffing Solutions has proven to be a reliable and result driven Business Partner to  advice, partner and support organizations in their staffing  needs to meet there business objectives with the delivery of solid staffing projects.

Our most important goal is to always deliver staffing projects within time, budget and quality standards set by our clients:


Beyond our  clients expectations and more…


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